Sunday, 21 October 2012

Audison BitOne

I installed my sound system and have been enjoying it happily for a while, the quality of sound reproduction has been consistently impressive and the depth of clarity and rich detail I now hear in both favourite old tracks and new music confirm, to me at least, that it was worth the time, effort, heart-ache and money to build.

That said, I'm always interested in improvements and one element of the system I decided on was a full digital eq. The benefit really, is that I can adjust the sound for both the tiny environment in the S2K, and flick from one 'map' to another allowing me to have a bass-heavy setup or a neutral setup at the flick of a switch. My car's driven daily and every weekend, so this is very handy - especially late at night covering distance when I prefer things simply toned down. This is all controlled using a rather nicely presented controller you can mount in the car's dash, my only potential hesitation is that against the flat plastics of my interior as it stands, it will look out of place until I come up with an alternative cover or finish/housing to mount it in.

The distributor I bought the Audison BitOne from Xquisite Automotive also does all of the bodywork on my car and has a great ear for sound-quality focussed products. I've been encouraged to use my laptop to setup the car and then subsequently allow my friend to adjust it after I think i've done all that I can. Suffice to say the results so far have been impressive. This unit cost £600 which I paid for over the course of 12 months - when you consider a head unit typically costs £200-£300 nowadays, this product isn't for everyone.

I've not finished the fitment and mounting of the box itself just yet as i'd like it to sit flush with the aperture in the boot, but it seems to fit into the area that my Digital TV unit once lived in like a glove. Seems it was just meant to be.

One thing I will mention, is something i've recognized with the Audison products that's subtle, but just shows the attention to details this manufacturer seem to have. Even the packaging was high quality - down to the stickers on the packets. I know some car guys that put stickers on the exterior of their car that aren't this well made - just another quality accent that appears synonymous with Audison products. 

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