Sunday, 21 October 2012

Choose your colours, but choose wisely.

I decided a little while ago, that some of the best modified cars appear to keep to a consistent rule. The colour scheme is smooth, consistent and usually embraces colours that naturally compliment one-another. In line with this, I'm planning to keep my red/graphite/black theme. There's really only a very brief exception to this. It is do-able, in my opinion, to have a splash of alternate colour in a couple of places, as long as it's relatively discrete and those colours are continued so that things match, rather than looking out of place.

With the addition of my new exhaust, with its stunning titanium tips, I decided I would treat myself to a gear knob that was similar to continue the very small accents that contrast with the other tones.

So without further ado, £40 from ebay.. it turned up, fits perfectly and took less than 90 seconds to fit. We like things like that.


And extremely difficult to take a picture in low-light conditions, but still I had a go.

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