Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Communication is key

I think perception and delivery are critical in communication. The correct statement, delivered properly makes sure people both understand your perspective and where things are headed for future.

What might not spring to mind, well at least not immediately, are mobile phone covers and cases. The new iPhone came out recently, which I was able to upgrade to. One thing that's always been a priority for me though, is to look after and protect these expensive items so that they're in superb condition.

I'm in awe at some of the awful rubbish people attach/fit to their mobiles. Every single time you use the phone in public, people see the case and it subliminally sends a message.

Given that I work in a professional services environment, I have to air on the side of caution. So here's what I picked up.

Ok, subtle enough.

Perfect compliment to the iPhone's natural lines - whilst not hiding what can only be described as apply 'Jewellery' as that factory-built design is stunning.

This cover is subtle enough for the office yet distinctive enough that my friends within the modified car scene will immediately identify with the statement.

And here's one of my favourite aspects. Americans always seem to get this right - they said thank you.

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