Sunday, 21 October 2012

Honda S2000 Invidia N1 Dual Exhaust

Now, time for an exhaust. I bought the same brand and model of exhaust when Ifirst had the red s2000 however one evening it got damaged beyond repair and Ihad to return to stock. Well finally another used example popped up inclassifieds so I was able to purchase it. It was in a fairly rough state. I decided to polish it back to as-new condition, cue some polishing tools for a power drill.

Before and afters..

The last one I had, used to drip black soot at the join between the centre section and the final rear section. When it was fitted, I knew significantly less about exhausts and the gasket used was something found at the exhaust place I was at - rather than an original item from the manufacturer. So this time, new gaskets from the manufacturer have been obtained. I've also worked on the two mounting surfaces to remove rust/marring and hopefully allow the surfaces to make clean, air-tight contact.

The mounting surfaces have gone from something like this..

to this..

The exhaust is made from stainless steel and there are tips added to each muffler made from titanium. These are fixed on using pop rivets and if the rivets aren't put on well at the outset, they vibrate loose. This isn't a problem for daily driving, except the tips end up rattling caused by low engine speed vibrations - meaning as you pull up somewhere, they rattle and the whole thing sounds nasty.

So I've purchased buffing wheels, wire attachments and metal polish to remove all the marks on the exhaust and I've ordered a pair of replacement titanium tips to make sure the exhaust looks perfect and brand new when it goes on. As the tips are the most visible part of the exhaust when the car is hard parked and have that beautiful torched titanium effect, I figured it's good to start out with brand new parts.

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